How to save qscan command

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Guide to save q commands to your terminal

This Guide is to show you how to edit your terminal environment,so that you can have q commands
Be careful when following these steps ,if you mess up then your terminal won't function.

1.we first open the file responsible for starting each terminal session(cshrc) with gedit text edit,do so by typing the following into your terminal:

gedit ~/.cshrc

you should see something like this: Shrc.png

2.To set the enviroment at the start of each session, add the following to the start of any empty line in the cshrc file:

setenv PATH ${PATH}:/cs/system/guest/qmh/bin/ 

like this:

3.Make sure to save your changes to the file,but before you leave,make sure it works and keep you're current session
in case it doesn't,make sure that you placed the command in an empty line and didn't edit out anything from the original file

4.To make sure it worked,start a new session (ctrl+alt+t) and test out a q command (like "qscan").

It should show something like this:

(Picture was blurred for security purposes) Big thanks to Yair and Rotem for helping out!