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  • Incidents are malfunctions in computers hardware and software.
  • It is recommended to check the FAQ section of this wiki, if the problem is common and simple, the solution should be there.

incident types and examples

There are many malfunctions, these are the main areas in which they occur.

  • hardware - computer doesn't work or getting stuck constantly, mouse or keyboard don't work properly,

printers that jam or don't print at all...

  • software - missing drivers, mail problems, recovering files, password resetting, user's systems login issues.
  • network- slow network, network failure, Voip phones malfunctions.

and everything else that involves unavailable computing services.

How To Report Incidents

For reporting incidents, Use the sysaid program and follow these steps.
1. Open the sysaid interface by clicking on the link
2. Choose open report new incident
3. Now an Incident report form opens, fill in the category and sub category of the incident , the headline ,
a detailed description of the the problem and if relevant, add a photo of your problem and then press send.

Incident report Form example

עמוד תקלה.png

Incident Treatment and resolution

After you submitted your report, the system team will receive it and will handle it accordingly to the problem.
Upon resolution, the handling factor will send you an email the the problem has been solved and the incident has ended.