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Redirecting URL for GitHub Pages

The website will be available at the following url:<CS LOGIN || ORGANIZATION>/<Repository Name>/

Important!!! - The page will not be visible in its original url of:<CS LOGIN>/<Repository Name>/

Introduction - CSE Guide for Github Pages

We provide the option of creating and publishing web projects by using github pages running on enterprise github belonging to CSE. Github pages can run web projects built with HTML / CSS / JS. It cannot render any server side languages such as PHP / Python It is possible to serve html pages in a github repository which will be public on the internet without the need for domains, servers or hosting. The git repository can remain private and the site public.

  • The Service is currently dedicated for research and academic usage only.
  • The pages will remain active as long as the user has an active CS account.

The short guide to publish public website

  • Login to and create a new repository.
  • Create the web project and commit and push to your repository
    • for lab projects - make sure to use the lab organization account - student's repository will not be available when their account is expired!.
  • Publishing the pages
    • Inside your repository -> Settings -> Scroll down to GitHub Pages and select the branch to publish
    • Alternatively, create a branch name gh-pages and it will be published automatically. The website can be unpublish only if you rename / delete the gh-pages branch

More GitHub Pages features

Default user / organization web site on GitHub Pages

The webpage will be published automatically and the master branch will be presented as the default website of the user / organization.

Create a new repository under your user or organization with the name pattern:

  • In your personal space: <CS LOGIN>
  • In an organization: <ORGANIZATION>

Default public web site for the url: -<CS LOGIN> -<ORGANIZATION>

Point a subdomain to GitHub Pages

For some research / academics projects there is a need for an official CSE subdomain such as

Choosing Subdomain

Suggest a subdomain - usually the name of the project or its initials. Validate that this subdomain is not already allocated to some other project. Following the creation of your GitHub Page contact the system with the request.

    • The subdomain is subjected to review and approval of the system team under the consideration of ambiguous / future allocation of subdomains.

Redirecting personal www (tilda) to GithubPages

It is optional, please contact the system for further information