Installing CLion on Linux

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Clion is a JetBrains' solution for C/C++ development
JetBrains gives a free license for students. Read here how to obtain a free license.
Official instructions can be found here.

Installing prerequisite packages

The required packages are: cmake, GCC/G++ or Clang.

  • On Debian or Ubuntu
    • Open a terminal window (Alt-F2 to run application, type in mate-terminal or gnome-terminal or konsole)
    • Run the installation command
      sudo apt install cmake gcc g++ clang
    • On other linux distribution you'll have to use the default package manager, like yum in rpm-based distributions
    • In case sudo is not install, you can log in as root (running su command and giving the root passwod)

Downloading the solution

Download from Make sure you choose the linux version.


  • Extract the downloaded file to directory under /opt
Run this command in the terminal:
sudo tar xfz ~/Downloads/CLion-*.tar.gz -C /opt
  • First run of CLion would install the required files on your home directory and start the solution:
replace <version> with the version number of CLion you've downloaded (you can use TAB key to complete the directory name)
cd /opt/clion-<version>/bin

Run the solution

  • Easy access in different desktop environments:
    • In Mate, GNOME Classic: A menu entry would appear under Applications->Programming. Launch it with left click, find more options with right click (like adding the link to the launch bar). In case the entry "Programming" does not exists, it would appear the next time you login to your account.
    • In GNOME on Wayland: Click on Activities, then on the applications button. type in clion, and drag the icon to the launch bar. click on the new button to run CLion
    • In KDE/Plasma: the link would be under the "K" startup menu -> Applications -> Deveopment