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All students in HUJI have mail accounts at where all official HUJI announcements (including library announcements) are sent.

By default, all mail sent to will be sent to the CSE user's account (with no copy stored locally at CSE).

Users who have their mail automatically forwarded to will not have spam mail saved to their spam folder, but spam mail will be forwarded with the string [CSESPAM] prepended to the Subject header of the mail message. This string can be used to filter spam in your account as illustrated in the section Filtering CSE Spam.

CSE users who have accounts -- e.g. CSE user joeyl05 with HujiMail account -- will also receive mail addressed to <> or in our example This mail will be treated in the same manner as if it had been addressed to <> -- in this case:

Users with existing CSE mail folders should note that only future mail will be forwarded to their accounts. The contents of their old folders will remain at CSE. While we don't support transferring of folders to accounts, users who want to do this, at their own risk, can try using public domain software at

Please note that whenever the automatic forwarding is overridden either by ~/.forward or ~/.nogmail, mail sent directly to (such as official HUJI messages) will still arrive there unless the user sets up a forwarding directive in his account to forward all his mail to his CSE address (

The management and configuration of the mail domain is under the auspices of Hebrew University's Computer Centre and all questions or complaints regarding receiving, sending and reading mail there should be directed to the support page.

CS mail accounts

Sending mail

SMTP Server Settings

You should set up the outgoing (SMTP) mail server in your mail program as follows:

Connection Outgoing mail server username password TCP Port
Inside CS network -- blank -- -- blank -- 25
Outside HUJI system your CS login -- blank -- 587 *
* From within CS or HUJI networks, no password is needed. From outside, you should set SSL encryption. When using a mail user agent such as Outlook or Thunderbird, the first time you try to send an e-mail, you will be prompted for your OTP password. You will then be able to continue sending e-mail for a week, at which point, you will be again prompted for a new OTP password. Note: If you are using from outside HUJI more than one device (e.g. phone, iPad, laptop), you must use the same OTP password for all devices so write it down!!!

To configure a Gmail account, follow the instructions in the section Sending from HujiMail using your CSE address.

Please note that all mail sent to outside CSE from the domain is signed digitally with DKIM authentication.

Mail.Huji.Ac.Il accounts

Opening a account

All undergraduate students have a account when they start their studies so there is no need to open an account.

Graduate students and senior staff who do not yet have a account can open an account at the following link:

Auto forwarding

By default, all mail sent to will be sent to the CSE user's account (with no copy stored locally at CSE).

However, if a CSE user has a ~/.forward file in his home directory, the directives in that file will be followed and no automatic forwarding to will take place.

Sending from HujiMail using your CSE address

You can send mail from with the From: line appearing to be your address.

1. Login to your HujiMail account and enter the Settings menu on the right-top portion of the webpage:


2. In the Settings menu, choose Accounts and under the Send mail as: section, choose Add another email address you own.

3. A dialog box will open up, fill in your name and CSE e-mail address:


4. Then press Next Step and fill in:

            (a) as your SMTP Server,
            (b) your CSE login as the Username,
            (c) your current OTP password as the Password,
            (d) 587 as the port number,
            (e) choose the radio box Secured connection using SSL,
            (f) then press Add Account

5. An e-mail will be sent to your CSE e-mail address with a confirmation code. Enter the code and press Verify:


6. You will be sent back to the Accounts screen and you will see a new entry:


7. You have the option of making this your default sending address by clicking on make default. Otherwise, you can choose the sending address on a per-message basis from the From line.

Renewing Your Outmail Password

If you do not send from the CSE address you defined as an alias on HujiMail for over a week, the password will be invalidated and you will have to redefine the account password with a new OTP in the following manner:

1. Go to:

Settings -> See All Settings -> Accounts -> edit info (of CSE alias)

A dialogue window will open.


2. Uncheck and check again Treat as an alias [This gets Gmail's attention]

3. Click:

Next Step >>

4. Enter a new 6-digit OTP in the Password field.

5. Click:

Save Changes

The window should disappear. You can now again send e-mail with this alias.