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Our CSE school website features a personal page which is gradually being enhanced and expanded.

The management system allows you to add free text and publications, as well as social/professional links.

Example of a few personal pages - Aviv Zohar, Shai Yerushalmi, Dina Schneidman

In the personal page you can update the following details

-- text / description

-- publications / references

-- social / professional links

Instructions to edit your personal page

- Login to the the admin panel- must be at the HUJI network. The preferred way to connect is to use Samba VPN. Tunneling is also an option (Connecting from outside)

- Edit your personal page by the inline instructions

Send a personal image by the following spec to website.cse@cs

- Size: width 300px, height 400px

- name of the image - <cs_username>.jpg i.e. shaiy.jpg

- Your personal page will appear in the url:<username>

We are constantly updating the web system, so we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.