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Quota allocation

At the start of the academic year, the quota of all ordinary users is set to 200 pages. At the start of the second semester, the quota of undergraduates, first-year graduates and non-research graduates, is reset to 200 pages (plus any pages remaining out of a 'bonus'). Other users can ask their academic contact to request extra quota on their behalf. If a course requires extensive printing, the Metargel may request additional quota for all his students.

How to print

Jobs are sent to the printer using command lpr. Most printers can print only PostScript and Text files. (Printers nrg and ps4 can print also PDF files.) Document viewers e.g. firefox and acroread, convert a document to PostScript before piping to lpr. Various command line utilities are also available for converting to PostScript e.g. enscript and a2ps for Text, and pdf2ps for PDF. Other utilities manipulate a PostScript file e.g mpage can put multiple pages on one physical page. Document viewers for PostScript include gs and gv.


 mpage -2A | gs -
 pdf2ps | mpage -2A | lpr


Undergraduates can print only on the printers in the public labs:

  • xl1 - Rothberg, upper floor
  • xl2 - Rothberg, lower floor
  • sp - Levy

In the public labs, st is an alias for the nearest printer.

In case of a problem with any of the public printers, mail system or, if urgent, call 84195, 85691, 85692, 85298, 86156 or 86942


Besides lpr, the print suite includes the following utilities

  • lpq - list all print jobs
  • lprm - remove print jobs e.g.
 lprm -
 lprm 123

All utilities take argument -P<printer> where <printer> is the name of a printer. If it is not supplied, the PRINTER environment variable is used. The .cshrc file given to new users (or installed by reinstall) sets PRINTER to st. See the relevant man pages.

Quota accounting

One page of quota is deducted for each side of paper printed. The following commands are available:

  • Show current quota:
  • List all quota allocations since quota was last reset
 psquota --verbose
  • List all quota deductions since quota was last reset

Command printjobs takes a variety of arguments. To see, do

 printjobs --help