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Currently, your home directory (~) and your secondary directory (~/.+ also known as, for some users, ~/safe) reside in different filesystems with different online snapshots policies.

All users were recently granted an additional 5 GB of space in their home directories in order that one's secondary directory be moved to one's home directory making them a single directory with a unified snapshot policy.

For the purpose of transferring the secondary directories, the ~/.+ (and/or ~/safe) directories will be made read-only starting Sunday, February 10, 2019. The system group will transfer the contents of the secondary directories to your home directories during the summer. Once the transfer is finished, the old secondary directories will be removed.

Users who use their secondary directory on a regular basis, and, hence, would fine it inconvenient to have them read-only can transfer their secondary directories manually using the instructions in the next section.

Manual Transfer of Secondary Directory

Users who wish to transfer their secondary directory manually before February 10 can do so by executing the following commands on any of the CSE Linux systems.

Adjust the ~/safe symblic link (if it exists):

test  -h  ~/safe  &&  rm  -f  ~/safe  &&  ln  -s  ~/.+  ~/safe

Transfer the secondary directory -- this can take more than an hour. Do NOT interrupt this command while it is working:

cp -rp ~/.+/. ~/.plustmp

Clean up symbolic links:

rm  -f  ~/.+  &&  mv  ~/.plustmp  ~/.+

If you encounter any error messages during these stages, e-mail <> immediately and include the transcript of the commands' output along with the full text of the error messsages.