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Single Sign-On

For certain Huji-wide Moodle courses, users can login via a single sign-on login screen.

The single sign-on login screen will accept any one of a user's Savion, HujiMail or CSE account names with the password being the corresponding account's password or one's Teudat Zehut (without the Sifrat Bikoret -- i.e. 8 digits only) with the password being one's 5-digit code ishi.


If a user has a Savion account with username reuven, a HujiMail account with username Reuven.Levi, a CSE account with username rub02 and his Teudat Zehut number is 342424249, he can login in one of the following ways:

Savion Example

The user would login as follows:


HujiMail Example

The user would login as follows:


CSE Example

The user would login as follows:


Please note that the password, in the case of CSE, can either be one's regular IDNG password or one's OTP password.

Teudat Zehut Example

The user with Teudat Zehut 342424249 would login as follows: