Starting a web project on CSE servers

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Domain and project name

Every web project on CSE has a domain name in the following format The subdomain selected will be used also as the project name.

GIT repository

CSE has a local github in the url - Create a repository under the organisation of the PI in charge with the project name

Development Cycle

Create a development project on your computer Run the project first on your local environment and validate it is working.

The CSE system will set two environments - one for testing and one for production. The developer in charge will own the files in the project directory. The developer will also own the DB in the case of postgreSQL

The developer must have a knowledge in Linux + git

Technologies supported

see reference - Web_Development_Guidelines

HUJI restrictions for design and accessibility

The HU defined standard guidelines for design - please follow [1] There are Accessibility rules in the state of Israel which must be fulfilled by each website.

Please read thoroughly the guidelines for websites in HUJI - [2]

For further details please read thoroughly the guide about Web Project Environment