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Gradudates of the School of Computer Science & Engineering are entitled to an alumni account for life.

An alumni account is for email only.

Who is entitled to an alumni account?

Only graduates of CSE who have fulfilled all their academic requirements are entitled to an alumni account.

When is the alumni account opened?

An alumni account is automatically created when the user's regular account is closed, provided the user has been registered for at least

  • 3 years in an undergraduate program, or
  • 2 years in a graduate program

and does not hold a TeleID card issued by CSE.

If he still holds a TeleID card when his regular account is closed, the alumni account will be opened as soon as he returns it.

If the user is entitled to an alumni account but it is not created automatically, he should contact

We reserve the right to close the alumni account of any user who is not eventually awarded a degree by CSE.

When is the regular account closed?

Normally accounts are closed as follows:

  • CSE Undergraduates: End of December
  • CSE Masters students: End of March
  • CSE Doctoral students: End of June
  • Other students: 6 months after the end of the semester

A warning is emailed several weeks before the planned date of closure. If the student still requires his account to complete his academic requirements, his supervisor may then request an extension.

Can the alumni account be opened earlier?

If a user would like his regular account closed - and thus his alumni account opened - at an earlier date, he should contact Of course, he must have returned any TeleID card that he may have held.

How does it work?

The alumni account can be accessed with the web client at

The address of the alumni account is

Users that have HujiMail accounts will have their old CSE mail address forwarded there.

For users without a HujiMail account, we guarantee to forward mail addressed from their old CSE mail address to their alumni account for at least one year.

The initial alumni password is one's Teudat Zehut number without any leading zeros and without the sifrat bikoret.

The user's existing mail spool file, /cs/mail/user, is automatically moved to his alumni account when it is opened.

See and the alumni FAQ for further details.