Aquarium during lockdown

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Due to the lockdown, and as the open-space rooms (A100, B100, C100, C120, and C101) are closed, we've made the machines there available for remote access.


The connection is using ssh, similar to the connection to the public servers.

From a CS machine:

ssh aquarium

From the VPN, or laptop on HUJI's wifi:

ssh <login>

From home without the VPN

ssh <login>

For more information on connecting using ssh, please see Connecting from outside.


There are several limitations to working on the aquarium workstations. Here are a few differences between connecting to the aquarium machiens and connecting to the public servers:

Resource Public servers (e.g. river) Aquarium Notes
Time 40 CPU minutes per process 8 hours per session (wall time)
Memory 4GB RAM per user According to machine Most aquarium machines have 16GB RAM.
Number of sessions "Unlmited" 1 per user
Number of users "Unlmited" 1 user per workstation
Number of machines 3 305
KVM Not supported Supported
Background processes Allowed All processes are killed on logout
SSH tunnel Supported Graphical forwarding works,
basic tunnels - not directly
A tunnel can be opened to river when connecting to the aquarium, e.g.
ssh -L 22222:river:22 <user>@aquarium