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In all the following methods to connect to our servers, you must choose a host to connect to. Usually you'd choose a public server such as inferno or pita.

SSH (secure shell) connection

To open a remote shell on a CSE host using SSH, you need to ssh to as user USERNAME%HOSTNAME.

For example, if your username is amnon and you want to connect to pita, use the following command: ssh

You will be prompted for your OTP password, and then for your regular password.

Telnet connection

In order to telnet to a CSE host, you must go through the CSE gateway. The following is the procedure to telnet to a CSE host:

  1. Telnet to
  2. Login using your CSE username and your OTP password.
  3. Connect to the desired CSE host by doing: c HOSTNAME. For example: c pita
  4. Login to the host using your CSE username and your regular password.

Graphical (X) connection

Using this connection type you can run applications which normally use a graphical user interface (GUI), such as emacs. For this to work you need to run an X server on your computer. The applications you run on the remote CSE machines connect to the X server in order to display windows on your own computer.

  • If you're using Linux then you probably alrady have an X server running. Just do ssh -XC to obtain a shell on the CSE host.
  • On Windows, you need to install and run an X server such as Cygwin.
    1. Start Cygwin
    2. In the Cygwin shell, enter export DISPLAY=:0
    3. Give command ssh -XC
    4. Open another Cygwin shell and enter X -multiwindow

After following the above steps you can start your X application on the CSE host.