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This list was last updated on November 2019 (חשון תש״פ). The information may be out of date and should be updated from time to time.

Prayer Time Location Note
Shacharit 6:50 Synagogue in Talpiot 6:40 on fast days and Rosh Chodesh, 7:30 on Sundays and Fridays (if at all)
Mincha 13:15 Synagogue in Talpiot
Mincha 13:30 National library short
Mincha 13:45 Popick Building bomb shelter
Mincha 13:45 Casali bomb shelter
Mincha 13:50 Aquarium short
Mincha 14:00 Lieberman dorm bomb shelter
Mincha 14:15 Meshek
Mincha 14:15 Academy of the Hebrew Language
Mincha 15:00 Academy of the Hebrew Language short
Mincha 15:45 National library
Mincha 16:00 National library
Maariv 18:00 National library or sunset, whichever comes later
Maariv 20:00 Aquarium
Maariv 20:00 Herman kitchen Only during exams
Maariv 22:00 Zweig dorms building 9