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I sent mail from my HUJImail account to my CS address, but it didn't bounce back to my HUJImail account. Why?

It did bounce back, but Google doesn't put messages from yourself to yourself in the "Inbox", but rather in a folder called "All Mail".

I am not receiving any mail sent to my CS account. Why?

By default, mail sent to your CS address is forwarded to your HUJImail account (see Mail). This default can be changed

When I try to click "get mail" in thunderbird (Icedove) I get an alert: "unable to locate mail spool file". Can this be corrected?

You don't have a spool file since your mail is being forwarded to your HUJImail address (see Mail).



How can I select a printer to print?

There are several options:

  • Use the -P<printer> argument for the printing command
a2ps -Pxl1 myfile

If you're printing from a GUI interface (acroread, firefox, etc.) you can set at the Print Command in the Print... dialog box.

  • Set the environment variable PRINTER before executing the command:
setenv PRINTER xl1
a2ps myfile

You can add the setenv command in your ~/.cshrc file to make the change permanent for every login


My firefox says it's already opened, why?

If indeed it's not opened somewhere else, it's probably a locking problem. Execute unlock firefox.

I can't use the owl system from the cs computers (via firefox), is there any solution?

The owl system (high learn) is incompatible with firefox (iceweasel). This is a known problem and we're trying to convince the people in charge to either make it compatible or to use another system. It will be very helpful if you send your complaints to them (you can do it through the owl support page).

In the meanwhile, you can try to use the opera or the konqueror browsers which sometimes have more luck with owl than firefox.


Is there any good reason to use eclipse?



A. Erase your .eclipse