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* Logontype: Ask for password
* Logontype: Ask for password
* User: login
* User: login
* Encryption: use simple FTP only (unsecured).
*login: your cs username
*login: your cs username

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!!! Instructions on this page do not apply to I-CORE users !!!

You can only ftp to river (You can also Scp)

In order to ftp to one of the allowed CSE hosts, you must go through the CSE gateway. The following is the procedure to ftp to a CSE host:

Command Line

  1. Ftp to gw.cs.huji.ac.il.
  2. Login using your CSE username and your OTP password. If you were successful, the gateway will respond 230 User authenticated to proxy.
  3. Enter: user USERNAME@CSEHOST. For example: user rafa@river. If you were successful, you will get the response: 230 User rafa logged in.
  4. Now proceed with regular ftp commands.

me@myhome ~ $ > ftp gw.cs.huji.ac.il Connected to e-sg.cs.huji.ac.il. 220- 220- Institute of Computer Science 220- The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 220- 220-Please report problems via e-mail to gw@cs.huji.ac.il 220- 220-after you have been authenticated by the proxy enter: 220- user username@host 220-and this time use your regular password. 220- 220-[ common FTP servers accessible with the global file system are: 220- river, bagel, (*)humus 220- (*) server not accessible for undergraduate students 220-] 220 331 Enter authentication (OTP) password for GSSAPI GSSAPI accepted as authentication type GSSAPI authentication failed Name (gw.cs.huji.ac.il:me): mycsuser 331 Enter authentication (OTP) password for mycseuser Password: typing OTP password ... 230 User authenticated to proxy ftp> user mycsuer@river 331-(----GATEWAY CONNECTED TO river----) 331-(220 ProFTPD 1.3.5b Server (Debian) []) 331 Password required for mycsuser password: typing CSE password ... 230 User mycsuser logged in ftp>

Graphical FTP

The best way to use FTP is from the command line. It is faster and simpler. Additionaly most graphical FTP clients can't connect to CSE since we use a gateway/proxy. However, if you really really want to use a graphical FTP client, here are some instructions.


Install gFTP, open it and do the following steps exactly (please read it once before connecting).

  1. Write the host you want to connect to (like river, bagel or any other), your username, and your UNIX password (not OTP). Fill all this data in the right sections below the menu bar. (Do not connect yet.)
  2. On the upper menu, go to FTP -> Options, choose the FTP tab, and give the following info:
    • Proxy hostname: gw.cs.huji.ac.il
    • Port: 21
    • Proxy username: your CS username (the same from step 1)
    • Proxy server type: choose user@host from the menu
    • Proxy password: your OTP
  3. Then press OK and immediately connect by clicking the computers icon on the upper left side of the client (left to the host you wrote on step 1). This step should be done quickly before the OTP is invalidated.


You should be care of any VPN programs installed on your computer that can cause to "FTP over Gateway" disfunction.

FTP'ing with Total Commander (shareware)

Firstly, download Total Commander, file manager.
It is 'two panel' Norton Commander like file manager for windows.

Now run it from desktop icon or from start menu. Press 1/2/3 what it asking for. You will see two panels with menu under top window bar (File, Mark, etc...).

  • Go to 'Net' -> 'Ftp Connect' (Ctrl+F)


  • Choose 'New connection...' (Alt+N)


  • Session: CSE
  • Host name: river
  • User name: <your user name>
  • Password: <your unix password>
  • Use firewall (proxy server), check it and click 'Change'

On the Advanced tab:

  • 'Send Method-> type 'user@hostname'
  • Host name: gw.cs.huji.ac.il
  • User name: <your user name>
  • Password: <leave blank> <= that means don't write anything so it will ask every time OTP password.
  • Click 'Ok'


In window 'Connect to ftp server', choose saved session (CSE in our case), Click Connect on right side, in popup window write your OTP password and you will see on one of right or left panel your homedir and on other side - your computer files!

Good luck!

Windows / MAC

FTP'ing with Firefox plugin FireFTP

Note that with this application you have to enter manually your UNIX password that will be visible to peoples around you!

Download FireFTP. It is plugin for Firefox/Chrome web browser.

Install it, restart browser.

Go to 'Tools -> FireFTP' In new browser window:

Fireftp 4.gif

choose from top left 'Create an account..'

Fireftp 1.gif

  • Main:
Account Name: CSE
Host: river
Login: <your cs login name>
  • Connection:

Fireftp 5.gif

Uncheck 'Passive mode'
Check that port is 21.
Remote: '<path to your home dir>' <= like '/cs/stud/dib'
  • Close 'Ok'

Go on right top 'Tools'

  • General:

Uncheck 'Remember passwords'

  • Connections:

Fireftp 3.gif

Proxy - choose Direct,
Host: gw.cs.huji.ac.il,
Port: 21
  • Close this window

Then connect with button connect (on top left) Enter OTP password in popup. You can see in log (choose on buttom left corner 'Log' tab) that it received:

USER osdmitryp
331 Enter authentication (OTP) password for osdmitryp
PASS (password not shown)
230 User authenticated to proxy
500 command not understood
500 must be connected to remote server

You should enter user and password manually by that way:

On top right click on 'Tools' and choose 'Custom Command...'

  • Enter 'USER <your cs user name>@river'

user osdmitryp@river
331-(----GATEWAY CONNECTED TO river----)
331-(220 ProFTPD 1.3.2a Server (Debian) [])
331 Password required for osdmitryp
331-(----GATEWAY CONNECTED TO river----)
331-(220 ProFTPD 1.3.2a Server (Debian) [])
331 Password required for osdmitryp

On top right click on 'Tools' and choose 'Custom Command...' BE CAREFUL! Password is not covered by * or some else.

  • Enter 'PASS <your unix passowrd>'

pass ***********
230 User osdmitryp logged in

  • Click 'Refresh Directory' (blue circle with arrow) or 'Change', after line with path to your home dir, and you will see home directory list.
  • Close 'Log' window if you opened it to prevent others from see your password.

Good luck!

FTP'ing with Filezilla

The process is almost the same. Download the Filezilla client: filezilla and install it.

To setup the ftp proxy:

  • Go to Edit -> Setting


  • Choose FTP proxy setting
  • Type of FTP Proxy: Custom
  • Proxy host: gw.cs.huji.ac.il
  • Proxy user: username
  • Proxy password: password


  • username: your cs username
  • password: your regular UNIX password (IDNG)

In window type (don't use copy/paste from web, it can insert invisible character):

USER %u@river
  • Choose Transfers -> File Types, check 'Default transfer type' 'Auto'
  • Click OK


  • Go to File -> Site Manager
  • Click "New Site", enter name, like "CS", and fill fields like this:
  • Host: gw.cs.huji.ac.il
  • Servertype: FTP
  • Logontype: Ask for password
  • User: login
  • Encryption: use simple FTP only (unsecured).


  • login: your cs username
  • Select Tab 'Advanced', choose servertype: Unix, uncheck Bypass proxy
  • In Tab 'Transfer settings' choose Transfer mode "Active"
  • Check 'Limit number of simultaneous connections'
  • Set 'Maximum number of connections' to 1
  • Click Connect,
  • Enter your OTP password.
  • Press OK and connect.

Happy ftping!

Updated by Dmitry Perchanov 05/04/2008 osdmitryp@cs.huji.ac.il