How to access CS home directories from an iMac

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This page will guide you how to configure and access the CS user home directories from an iMac that boots locally.

Accessing CS directories through samba

  1. On the iMac desktop press Command-K (⌘+K)
  2. In the Server Address field write the following (replace the string yourCSusername with your actual user name on CS):

    It should look something like this:
    CS from iMac CMD K.png
  3. Hit the "+" sign - this will save the address for future uses
    CS from iMac plus.png
  4. Press Connect. The following warning message will appear: "You are attempting to connect to the server "newsamba" " - That's normal behaviour. Press Connect again
  5. In the window that follows, make sure you are marked "Connect As: Registered User", and fill in your CS password in the Password field. Then press Connect.
    CS from iMac name and password.png
  6. It will load and then open a finder window with your CS home folder.

Creating a shortcut on your desktop

  1. Once you've loaded your CS home folder on iMac, Right-click on a desired folder and click Make Alias
    CS from iMac Make alias.png

  2. iMac will create a shortcut that you can drag to your desktop
    CS from iMac Alias made.png

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