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There are two types of password:

  • The regular password:
    • A "normal" password that is used for almost everything done internally inside the school (beside submitting exercises in course admin).
    • In most cases, if when typing the password you don't see the letters (just dots or *), or when the prompt is '(IDng) Password:' - that means you need to enter the unix password.
  • One Time Password (OTP):
    • The OTP is a password generated by your phone (called HOTP), or by a special card (called TeleID) - in case your phone doesn't support java.
    • Each time you enter your PIN code, the OTP will generate a different password that you can use.
    • Usually the OTP is used for connecting to the schools computers from outside (and for logging into the computers in the students labs).
    • In most cases, if when typing the password you see the letters you type, or when the prompt is '(OTP) Password:' - that means you need to enter the OTP.

Unix Password


After signing in for an account, you'll have to log into a Linux host using the register user and no password. There, follow the instruction to open your account, and set the password.

Changing Password

To change your unix password in a Unix/Linux machine, type:


You can use either your old UNIX password or OTP as old password.

To change it in a Windows NT machine, run the program:


(ie change to disk U, directory ntbin and run password.exe).

HOTP (Using cell phone)


Before registering your phone, make sure it supports java, and that you have internet connection. The internet connection will be used only when registering - for uploading the program into your phone (i.e. you can enable it for 10 minutes when registering and close it afterwards).

  • If you've just opened a new account, simply follow the instructions in the register user as above.
  • If you already have an account and want to use your phone as an OTP generator:
    • If you're using a computer inside the school, from a unix shell, type register and follow the instructions (or login with the register user as above).
    • If you're outside of the CS network:
      • Go to hotp registration site.
      • Login with your unix password.
      • Fill in the your details (Note: make sure you enter the correct phone number as you'll have to go the System to change it).
      • The PIN number will be used to generate the OTP, don't forget it.


  • In both cases an SMS will be sent to you telling you the location of the program you need to install.
  • On Some phones, after the installation, you might need to restart your phone.
  • If you have an old TeleID card, you'll be asked to return it.
  • If you forget the PIN number, there will be no indication (i.e. passwords will be generated), but you won't be able to login.

Reinstalling HOTP on your Cell Phone

  • From inside CS:
    • If you are not logged on, logon to account register.
    • If you are already logged on, execute the register utility from the shell.
  • From outside CS:

If your phone number has changed, you will first have to go to Kobi, Ross room 71

SMS Passwords

Users who can't load the HOTP application on their cell phone (e.g. Mirs phones) can still receive OTP's on their cell phone by authenticating via a web browser on the SMS OTP page.

You will receive five OTP passwords in an SMS message on your cell phone -- use the passwords in the order that they appear in the SMS message.

If you do not have a cell phone or your cell phone cannot receive SMS messages (e.g. kosher cell phones), then you have no choice but to obtain a TeleID card described in the next section.



  • When registering for a new account, if your phone doesn't support java, you'll have to give a deposit and you'll receive a TeleID card.
  • You'll need to change the password (initial password is 5555).
  • Login into a Linux host using the register user and no password. There, follow the instruction.
  • If you forget the PIN number, or if you entered the wrong PIN number 10 times, the TeleID card will be locked and you'll have to replace it.

Changing Password

To change the password, follow the instructions on the back of the TeleID card: Turn on the card and enter the following:

old pin
new pin
new pin

Lost Password

  • If you got a working HOTP/OTP/SMS password you can login into the workstation using username:otp and enter your OTP instead of the UNIX password.
  • Follow the instructions in the change password section using your OTP as old password.
  • If you don't have any one time password option, you need to come to the system, with an ID and we'll change the password for you.

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE ID -- we will not change password for people who come without it. (For obvious reasons).