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The printer in each of the public student labs (aquariums) is called st. The st printers are managed by the Mafil company and can be used by everyone.

The following printers are also available for staff members and graduate students or other users who have been granted quota. See Print quota below:

Printer Location
mafil Room A319
mafil Room A419
mafil Room B317
mafil Room A519
mafil Room B419
mafil Room B519
mafil color Room B319
mafil color Room B113

Which printer?

All undergraduate (stud) UNIX accounts are configured to use the st mafil printers in the student's labs(aquariums). Other users(staff members, graduated students, etc.) can print to the printers located in the shelters on each floor.

Print utilities

The following print utilities exist:

  • lpr - print
  • lprm - remove jobs that have not yet printed
  • lpq - list jobs
  • lpin - change Mafil ID number
  • lprelease - release jobs queued on an intermediate printer to the Mafil printer

All print utilities provide help, if given the --help flag.

Student labs aquarium printers

Jobs sent to printer st can be printed on any Mafil printer in public student labs(aquariums). In order to print a job, the user must either swipe a credit card or insert a special Mafil card into the device next to the printer. He will then be requested to enter an ID number. A user's Mafil ID number is initially his Mispar Zehut, but it can be changed using the lpin utility. If the user has sent more than one job, he will be able to choose which of the jobs he wishes to print. Unprinted jobs are discarded after 8 hours.

In case of a problem with any of the Mafil printers, mail system.


The Mafil controller displays the time that the job was received (hour, minute and second are separated by round closing bracket), followed by the word job followed by the job number listed by command lpq. The time shown by the controller may be a second or two later than the time shown by lpq.


Mafil cards can be bought from a dispensing machine located in Levy. Mafil cards are transferable. The number of pages remaining on the card is show both before and after the job is printed.

Credit card accounts are debited each day for each job printed.

The price per printed side (currently 20 agurot) is shown before the job is printed. A job can be canceled whilst it is printing. Only the number of pages actually printed is charged. If a card is forcibly removed whilst a job is printing, it may happen that an extra page is charged.

Print utility quirks


Student aquarium labs

The lpq utility lists jobs sent to Mafil printers, even after they have been printed. Only jobs sent over the previous 8 hours are listed. By default, only the user's own jobs are listed.

Shelters Printers

lpq will show the print job for a short time before it reaches the Print Server.

To see the list of personal current and former print jobs, a user should log in with CS username and password


Print quota

Members of staff and graduate students can always print on CSE Mafil printers.

Guests of the school can print only if they have been allocated quota (and have sufficient quota for the job). Quota is normally allocated only by special request of a member of faculty. The request should state the number of pages to be allocated. The member of faculty should request a print quota for his students from his/her Research Grants Administrator(3rd floor).

How to print

Student public labs

    Jobs are sent to the printer using the lpr utility.
    Most printers can print only PostScript and Text files.
    (Of the public printers, gr, cps, ps4 and l5 can print also PDF files.)
    Document viewers e.g. firefox and acroread, convert a document to PostScript before piping to lpr.
    Various command line utilities are also available for converting to PostScript
    e.g. enscript and a2ps for Text, and pdf2ps for PDF.
    Other utilities manipulate a PostScript file e.g mpage can put multiple pages on one physical page.
    Document viewers for PostScript include gs and gv.


 mpage -2A | gs -
 pdf2ps file.pdf | mpage -2A | lpr

Printers located in the shelters on each floor.

    a) Send a job to the Mafil printer.
    b) Access any CSE MAfil printer. Swipe your magnetic card(which opens the doors) at the right side of the controller of the printer. 
    c) Choose Print or Job List.
    d) Choose the print job to print and press printer icon in the corner

Configuring the printer

In order to print on the printers located in the shelters:

1.Linux users of CS computers should reboot their computer. The printer(Mafil) will be added to the options of graphical printing interface.

2. Windows users of CS computers have Mafil printer configured. If you don't see it send an email to system or call phone 94528. If you have admin permissions and don't see the Mafil printer download and install the file [1] For color printer [2]

3. Windows laptop users:

 a) Laptop owners with local user name identical to their CS username download the installation
    file [3] and run it. It will require reboot of the computer.
 b) If the username is not the same download this installation file. It will require reboot of the computer.
    file [4] and run it.
    When you print you will be asked for your CS username.

4. Mac laptop users with local user name identical to their CS username do as shown on the picture.

New mac printer.png New mac printer2.png

If there is no Advanced Icon - right click the toolbar area, choose "Customize Toolbar", right click "Advanced" and choose "Add Advanced"

If the username of mac laptop is not the same as your CS login first download and install that file [5] , after that install the printer as shown below.


When you print there will be a pop-up asking for your CS username and password. Choose BW or Color printer.


Mafil printers:

  • when printing, choose the Mafil printer in the settings.
  • your file will be sent to the mafil printers.
  • go to the nearest mafil printer. swipe your magnetic card into the device next to the printer and choose the file you wish to print. Unprinted jobs are discarded after 8 hours.*

If the RFID card is not with you today

If the magnetic card is not with you today. A PIN can be issued for temporal(1 day) identification at the Printer Controller.

Log in with CS uername and password to

Use Generate PIN option to create a PIN for use.