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  • Each student have a printing quota of 200 pages per semester.
  • The quota applies only for printers in the CS network.
  • If a course requires extensive printing, the TA or lecturer should request additional quota for the course's students.
  • If a student requires additional quota as part of his project or thesis, he should request from his supervisor.


  • Undergraduate students can print in the printers located at the open space:
    • Ross -2: st1 and st2
    • Rothberg lab (Aquarium): xl1 and xl2 (down stairs)
    • Levi: dk
  • The printer st (the default printer) will print to the closest printer (in the open space).
  • The open space printers should to be handled by students at all. If any problem occur, please notify the System Group.


Printing from the shell

There are several commands for printing from the shell:

The basic printing command, will print postscript (e.g. or any text files (e.g. file.txt,, etc.)
Prints multiple pages per sheet, i.e. can save paper/quota if you don't mind printing a bit smaller
mpage -2P
Will print, with 2 pages per sheet to the default printer. see also man mpage.
Prints all kind of file formats (postscript, text, code, images, etc.), and can print several pages per sheet:
a2ps -2
Will print the java file in a nice format (keywords and comments are recognized) with 2 pages per sheet. See also man a2ps.

All programs receive the -P<printer> flag, to determine on which printer to print. e.g.:
a2ps -2 -Pst1
Will print the java code in the st1 printer.

Printing from X window environment

Most of the graphical programs that support printing, simply use one of the above commands to print (e.g. gv, acroread, and more).
In the print dialog of those programs, you can set the printing command as mentioned above and print with a different layout or to a different printers (or all the other options that those commands support).



To see the printing queue type:


To see the printing queue of the st1 printer, type:

lpq -Pst1


To remove all your jobs from the queue, execute:


The lprm utility can receives the -P<printer> flag (otherwise the default is chosen), and can receive a specific job id (job id can be determined with the lpq utility):

lprm -Pst1 234

Will remove job 234 from the st1 queue.


To see how much printing quota you have left, execute:





To see a log of your printings (time, pages, printers), execute: