Public Servers

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Public Servers

The public servers are intended for any remote work, either from home or from non *nix machines. Please do not use the public workstations (i.e. ross -2, Rothberg or levy labs) for remote connection.

To connect from outside you can use rsh, ssh, telnet, or X (on some servers). And on some servers ftp for file transfer. See below for supported protocols.

Cluster Operating System Access rsh/ssh/telnet ftp X server Hosts Notes
river Linux 64bit all yes yes yes CPU time limited to 40 min
bagel FreeBSD all yes yes yes
humus FreeBSD phd yes yes yes
serenity Linux 64bit by request yes yes yes 64bit system


  • On FreeBSD machines your environment will most likely look different from the "normal" look (and some applications might not be installed).
  • For long/heavy processes, please use the designated clusters and not inferno, or bagel, as those are used by all students. If you need special access to a host please tell your advisor, or your course TA to contact the system.