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This process is also listed under Scp and Using git source control

Users can request an SVN or CVS repository that is accessible from outside the CSE network.

However one can easily create one's own GIT repository and access it by SSH tunneling though the gateway:

First dig a tunnel:

 ssh -L <port>:<host>:22 -fN <login>%<host>


  • <port> is an unprivileged port number (on your local machine) e.g. 9999
  • <host> is a CSE server e.g. river, inferno
  • <login> is your CSE username

For example:

 ssh -L 9999:river:22 -fN

Then set your git repository to:



  • <repository> is the path to your GIT repository (on the CSE file system)

For example:


Thanks to Yuval Sedan for providing the commands.

Suggestions for variations and/or abbreviations are welcome!