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This page is intended to explain the way to correctly submit requests to the system support team.


New Equipment request

We as the system team must approve every request for a new device. So when requesting a new device, please explain it's necessity as much as you can and why it has to be this specific model. In case we find the request to much we will recommend a more suitable model.

Further more - for computers and screens that are used all around the school, we have specific models that we work with, so getting a different model will need more explanations.

In the list that follows, we will put the most purchased devices that are usually approved:

  • Laptops
    • Proffesors:
      • Mac XYZ...
      • DELL XYZ...
    • School staff ...
    • Master's etc...
  • Desktops
  • Screens
  • Network Devices..

Request for a program installation

In case you need a new program to be installed please at first check the page of installed Programs, you might be surprised to find it.. (Insert link here)

If the program is not installed you may open a request. In the request you will have to check and enter relevant information:

  • Why is this program needed?
  • Where is the program going to be used?
  • Is the program free?
    • If not - how many licenses will you need?
  • What system requirements are needed for this program?

Please fill this information so we can estimate the cost and time it will take.

Request a computer installation

In the case you need a new computer installed or an old computer reinstalled, please open a request for computer installation. You will need to fill the information about what you need:

  • Is it a VDI computer or standalone?
  • What operating system is needed?
  • 32bit or 64bit?
  • What programs are needed to be installed?
  • any other request:

Request a user

In some special cases you might need a special user or a new user. In that case please open a request for user and choose the option that is relevant to you. Please consider that opening a new user is not a trivial request and it must be well explained.

Requset Form Example


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