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Our System Group installed new tool for helping to linux user to interact with system group and to quick solving any hardware- software bugs.

Usage: From console just type "system-support" or "syste" + TAB.

Creating icon in system panel:

With XFCE:

1. Click on system panel with right mouse button and choose "+ Add New Item".

2. In new window from "Available Items" choose "Launcher" and click with mouse to "+ Add" button at bottom of window.

3. You will see new window named "Program Launcher". Type some "Name" and "Description" or leave it.

  By default, name is "System Support" and description is "Send support request to system@cs"

4. Choose some icon. We assumed this icon:


5. In "Command" line just type system-support, or insert full path to script


If all be done, when you click to this new item you will see new window with text editor.

With KDE: