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To see one's Account Settings for Thunderbird, go to the menu Edit->Account Settings. The default Thunderbird configuration uses movemail to copy one's mail spool file to one's Thunderbird directory under the home directory.

The advantage of this approach is the spool file is cleared so that it always contains only new mail. In addition, home directories have more online backups (both more often and kept for a longer time) than the mail spool file in the case a user erases an important e-mail message.

However, the disadvantage of this approach is that the mail spool file is no longer available for other Mail User Agents to access it (e.g. Pine) and is no longer accessible from home via IMAP or POP3.

In order to retain one's spool file and allow Thunderbird to read/alter it in place, one has to change the default configuration to use IMAP.

Altering Default Account Settings

The following steps must be taken to change the default configuration to an IMAP configuration:

    1. Go to the Edit->Account Settings menu.
    2. Delete the default configuration by pressing the Remove Account button.
    3. Press the Add Account button.
    4. Choose the Email Account radio button.
    5. Fill in login'' in the Email Address field
       where login'' is your CSE login.
    6. Choose the IMAP radio button and fill in as
       the Incoming Server.
    7. Incoming User Name should be your CSE login.
    8. Account Name should be CS Mail (but this is not critical).

Once you save these settings, you will be able to view and edit your spool mail file via Thunderbird and it will still be available to be accessed via other mail programmes and also remotely from home.