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Anyone who has CSE login and who wishes to connect to our wireless network can use "nwcse" network.

Windows 8 users should do 'netsh wlan delete profile name=nwcse' from command prompt and restart the computer, before they configure connection to NWCSE.

In order to connect to NWCSE follow these instructions:

1. Open Network and Sharing Center. 1wifi.png

2. Choose Manage Wireless Networks 2wifi.png

3. Press Add to add a new network. 4wifi.png

4. 5wifi.png

5. Press Change Connection Settings.


6. Press Settings. 7wifi.png

7. Remove the V from Validate Server Certificate 8wifi.png

8. Choose Security and Advanced settings 10wifi.png

9. At "Specify authentication mode" choose User Authentication 11wifi.png

10. Click Configure and remove the "V" 9wifi.png