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Starting in the 5778 school year the wireless networks available in the CS buildings have been made the same as the networks available on the rest of the campus.


The following networks are now available:

  • HUJI-guest - this is a network that is meant for guests on campus, it does not allow access to a lot of university/international resources like journal databases etc.
  • eduroam - the network we recommend students connect to, part of the eduroam project, allows access to databases etc.



Nothing special is required, this is an open public network like any other.


  • Registering at: rap.huji.ac.il using ID number (without control digit) and Personal code. The ID number and Personal code should match those that appear in the student's payment book or in the pay slip.
  • connection instructions can be found at CA's instruction for Wireless connection
  • CS users should connect to eduroam with <username>@huji.ac.il , DO NOT USE <username>%ra
    • When using eduroam network, any access to CS' domain/computer name should be using its full domain name with cs.huji.ac.il postfix

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