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XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol)

XMPP (also known as Jabber) is an IM (Instant Messaging) protocol supporting chat between different servers (like E-Mail).

The JID (Jabber ID) is the same as CS E-mail address. Assuming CS user `example` then user JID is `example@cs.huji.ac.il`.

You many connect to CS XMPP using multiple clients from multiple locations at the same time (e.g. Your Laptop / Aquarium computer and your Cellphone).

List of XMPP Clients


An XMPP client already installed in the Aquarium is Pidgin. For some reason it is not listed under the menu. You can start it with ALT+F2 (Run) and writing `pidgin`. You can also create a short cut by right clicking on the launcher.

To add your account to Pidgin go to Accounts -> Manage Accounts and click Add. Pidgin Add Account.png

  • Username: Your CS Username.
  • Domain: cs.huji.ac.il
  • Resource: A name for the location you connect from. This allows other people to know which of your clients is online.
  • Password: Your CS Password.

One you fill everything, click + Add. Pidgin should connect automatically. In order to add other people click the "Buddies" menu and then Add Buddy. There you can write the JID of someone else and add him to your rooster (people you can chat with).


Thunderbird is messaging client mostly for E-Mail. It also supports XMPP and is installed on CS computers. You can find [instructions for setting XMPP with Thunderbird here].

Other clients for PC

The following clients are also recommended for PC (in addition to Pidgin & Thunderbird).

  • Gajim
  • Psi

Mobile clients



Probably the best Android client. Can be installed from [Google play] for about 8 nis, or for free from [F-Droid]


  • ChatSecure
  • Monal IM

Windows Mobile

UWPX [UWPX Windows Store]

Notice UWPX is still Alpha and does not support Push notification. Nevertheless it works and in use.


  • Converse-JS