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OTP and UNIX passwords

There are two types of password:

  • A regular or UNIX (or IdNG) password
    • Used for almost everything done from inside the CSE network
  • A One-Time password or OTP

An OTP can be obtained in one of 2 ways:

To change your UNIX password

At Linux terminal use command:


You can use either your old UNIX password, or an OTP, to authenticate

To use Google Authenticator

  • Install "Google Authenticator" from Android Play/Apple Store
  • Register at hOTP registration page using you cs user name and password
  • Now you can either:
    • Click on the link you receive by SMS (iPhone users only), or
    • Scan the QR-Code from the web page (pay attention that you cannot do this proccess from your mobile, since you have to scan the code using it)
      • On android, the Google Authenticator requires the ZXing code scanner
      • Open the Google Authenticator, and click on the menu button
      • Choose "Add an account" and scan the QR-Code
      • If you already have a working account for CSE and you want to create a new one, you have to delete the existing one first

Forgotten password

Reset password using web page

  1. Go to account management at
  2. Type in your ID number, and wait for SMS with an OTP password
  3. Type in the OTP you received by SMS
  4. Click on "Forgot Password" and wait for SMS with your new password
  5. Type the new password that you received by SMS into "Your current unix password"
  6. Type your desired password in other fields on this page and click "Submit"

Reset password using OTP on unix console

In case you forget the UNIX password, you can still log in using the OTP. To do so, append the suffix :otp to your username when logging in and then enter an OTP instead of the regular password. e.g. instead of username log in as username:otp, you can log in this way either directly on a workstation, or through remote connection (rsh, telnet, etc.), e.g. moishe will log in by:

rsh -l moishe:otp river

After you have successfully logged in, you can reset your UNIX password as explained above.

If you fail to log in, or can't get a working OTP, you will have to come to the system offices (Rothberg building, room B113) with an identification card and we will reset your password.